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Medicare Direct Solutions (MDS) is a premier Field Marketing Organization (FMO) that partners with leading carriers, insurance providers, independent agents and financial advisors. We work with agents to develop products and services that are affordable and fit the needs of their customers to bring about a better quality and longer-lasting life. We’re interested in working with agents that are looking for a dynamic partnership that puts customer needs first.

Customer Focused

When we talk about customer focus, what we mean is that we understand that a long and fruitful career in any industry means providing products that truly fit the needs and budget of the end user.  A harder sell rarely means a happier client.

We listen to the needs of our agents and customers to continually develop products and services that meet them where they are and provide an exceptional experience from end-to-end.

This approach makes for happier, healthier relationships on every level.

Technology for Success

We focus on technology solutions that make your life easier, rather than technology for the sake of appearing more advanced.

Our cutting edge technology helps drive the success of thousands of agents with tools like client management and quoting.

We also work with our agents through coaching, best practices and practical tips on how to manage their workflow and processes so that they allow technology to work for them most effectively.

Agent technology solutions done right!

Stronger Together

MDS brings insurance agents, financial advisors, industry experts and support staff together to develop an industry leading team that creates meaningful relationships with our clients. 

We celebrate the wins, change what doesn’t work, and work together towards a common goal of success in every corner of our organization.  At the end of the day, our hope is to continue to build the best place in the world that we want to work – and we want to partner with those that feel the same way!

Company culture is crucial to long-term success.

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From industry-leading solutions to carriers that greatly benefit customers, we’ve got the products and solutions to grow your business!

We’re also technology forward, offering best-in-class solutions for quoting and management.

Best of all, we’re supportive and we love working with our agents and advisors.

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